Books & Arts

A review of Richard Flanagan's "Wanting"

LATimes, May 10 2009

Revisiting Riddley Walker

from The Second Pass, March 24 2009

A review of two productions of "The Winter's Tale"

from The Econ, Feb 19 2009

A review of Leonard Downie's "The Rules of the Game"

from The Econ, Jan 2009

A review of Herve This's "Molecular Gastronomy"

from The Econ, Dec 2008

A review of Josh Ozersky's "The Hamburger: A History"

from The Econ, April 24 2008

A review of Joseph Horowitz's "Artists in Exile"

from The Econ, April 10 2008

A review of Salman Rushdie's "The Enchantress of Florence"

March 2008

A review of August Wilson's "Radio Golf"

from The Econ, May 17 2007

A review of Vladimir Sorokin's "Ice"

LATimes, January 7 2007

A review of Gary Shteyngart's "Absurdistan"

LATimes, April 30 2006

A review of "The Tibetan Book of the Dead"

February 19 2006

A review of Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian"

LATimes January 5 2005

A review of John Jeremiah Sullivan's "Blood Horses" and Jane Smiley's "Horse Heaven"

from The Econ, June 17 2004


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An obituary of James Crumley

When the saints go marching out

An obituary of Will Eisner


food & drink

Five days of eating in Brooklyn

Celebrating the blue crab

Making the perfect cup of tea

Eating living creatures

Locavoric inspirations

Is French cuisine dead? Robuchon, Point and constant resurrections



The trencher

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